Love Letter, My Love Letter

My First Love Letter To You.

Dearest My Love, I am seated here at Guesthouse number 4, Poliamba, Kavieng, New Ireland Province: New Britain Palm Oil Limited  (NBPOL) on the 10th of January 2019 at 9PM. I have been thinking about how far life has brought me  and what it has been teaching me, and is teaching me still; and I… Continue reading My First Love Letter To You.


Have You Found Yourself A “War Room”?

'Shrinking Violet'

Have you watched War Room yet?
I personally loved this movie. It is so encouraging to know, and believe the power of prayer.
By the way, What do you do when life takes you down deep ditches?
What do you do when your mind is caught up in a lot of negative 
shits that is trying to hunt you down? 
Who do you talk to when you feel that you just cannot trust anyone (and you can't trust anyone these days) to share your thoughts with? Well in the War Room, the closet was a special place. One may find their bedroom comfortable; but this is not my War Room. There are times when life kicks the hell out of me; and drives me down the valley. There are times when I just cannot express myself openly (obviously I do not 'cause I blame it on my introverted self). At…

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